The SETU Survey: Our Results

The survey we conducted at SETU was the first draft of a set of question that are still in the works.

Out of a total of 39 girls who gave the survey 24 girls knew what periods are while 15 did not. Additionally, majority of the girls (66.6%) attended school while only a few said that they missed school while on their period. Most of the girls at Setu utilize pads while on their periods while only one uses cloth. And, almost all the girls first heard about periods and menstruation from their mothers but none of them spoke only to their fathers about it. However, two girls said that they were introduced to it by both their parents together.

Some of the different responses to the taboos and myths that the girls face include: not being allowed to eat sour/spicy food, not being allowed to enter the temple, not being allowed to make physical contact with others, not being allowed to wear tight clothes, not being allowed to enter the kitchen or take any medicine.

These are the results for our survey:

Question 1 SETU Survey Data
Question 1
Question 2 SETU Survey Data
Question 2
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1.png
Question 3
Question 4 SETU Survey Data
Question 4

Author: The REDefine Campaign

A group of students trying to spread the message and bring out of the shell the taboo topics of Menstrual and Sexual Health. The REDefine Campaign is a campaign devoted to helping the population of India understand the key parts of female's life that is known as puberty. This blog is designed to show our progress, reports as well as learnings and new experiences along our journey. We hope that one day this world that we live in will willingly and openly not only talk, but give advice and spread awareness of the bodily cycle that is puberty. We do hope that you learn something along with us, and please spread the word. For any questions please do not be afraid to comment and/or email us. Come along with us on our journey!

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